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Project Management: SEDYTEC manage all types of new construction and alterations in both the commercial and residential sectors. Providing clients with assurance of the viability of estimates, the conformity with current regulations and standards, quality control of the works, the adequacy of security provisions etc., in all cases providing detailed reporting to the client.


Due Diligence: SEDYTEC undertake technical audits during the acquisition of buildings covering building works (Architect), services installations (Engineer), licences, maintenance manuals etc


Facilities Management: SEDYTEC manage the technical and auxiliary services required in the operation of buildings, providing selection of suppliers, preparation of maintenance protocols, performance levels..., carrying out periodic inspections and providing monthly and annual reports according to our client’s requirements.


Projects and Licences: SEDYTEC prepare all types of design projects, in each case approved by the relevant College (Architects, Engineers etc.) We manage the process for the legal approval of services installations by the Ministry of Industry, the submission and acquisition of Works licences, Opening and Activity licences.



“Our service offers our clients a total service for the construction and

 management of their development activities”




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